Wednesday, January 9, 2008

That's My Boy!

You know they're growing up when they get wiley! My liittle guy is learning the art of diplomacy! Check this journaling..."I’m getting on the boysfor misbehaving at thetable, as I walk away, I hear “She’s Mean.”Now it could have been “Excuse me.” I turn back to them-“What did you say?” Nicholas yells out “I saidI Love you Mom!” I burst out laughing! I’m not that old, butNicholas sure is growingup fast!

Now really, Nicholas! I'm still chuckling, however! This page is made with One Moment in Time (recolored, blended and a few other things!) by Doro. I made the frames and the stitching is something new I'm learning! I also made the halo!

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Barbara said...

I love that layout! Awesome!