Thursday, March 20, 2008

April Staker at DigiAgeDesigns has a new Fan... ME!

And How about a Technique How To ?

Here are two LO's I did with her Vintage Blues Kit! (available at Digital Candy and DigiApeDesigns)
And Here is a Technique How To I Used on these Layouts.
Want your font to really stand out?
For the Texas layout, I used the Rosewood font. I created a text layer. Then I pulled the dot paper over the text layer and Control G (for Group). Place a Hard Drop Shadow on the TEXT layer and choose Bevel. Play with the slider control until you like what you see. "Merge Visible" and then drag it to your layout. (I use PSE5) I did the same technique below for "Boy Parts", but I used King's Extortion for the font and one of the hardware metal pieces as the top layer. Play with it and see if you can't make your text really pop! Please contact me if you have questions or want to show off what you did!

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