Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

So I better stay inside and do some craftin'!

Ever start down a path, not really knowing where it will lead? But you follow it along, enjoying the view... I started into my closet. Cleaning a bit here, straightening there. Found a framed wood sign that said "the dog house." I must have purchased it at some point thinking I would do something with the frame part; because, hey, I don't have a dog! So I filled it with some Chatterbox papers and stickers, throw on a couple of pics and now there's no sign of that dog (get it? SIGN? of the DOG?) Okay, well I get it! Here's the completed piece. Now to go hang it somewhere!

" Brothers " - Chaterbox Chalet, Transparent Stickers, Pics of cute boys!

Then in that same closet there was this cute wooden cube box. Now why on earth have I never done anything with it?!? I resized some of my layouts, ran 'em through the Xyron and, hey, instant Way Fun box to put on my dresser!

So now I guess I should do something productive with my day... like laundry or something...
Naah! I think I'm going back in the closet!! (so to speak)

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