Sunday, November 11, 2012


I took my son to get a haircut yesterday.  He gets his head shaved (on a "2") and then let's it grow back.  Months later, he shaves it again. 

I am reminded of the first time he got his hair cut short.  His "Mohog."  
I am reminded of when I had time to scrap events like this. 

I am reminded how much I love scrapbooking and chronicling my boys' growth.

I am reminded... of all that has transpired over the last two years... and
I make a pact with myself. 

I am juggling - full time job, raising two boys, keeping the house clean and the pantry stocked (a full time job in itself with two boys!), maintaining bathrooms and my sanity (well, mostly the last two!).  We all juggle, especially moms.  We make sacrifices to provide for our families, to care for our loved ones... our needs aren't usually on the top of  the list.
My pact is to get back to what I have always said was "cheaper than therapy-" scrapbooking.  Paper or digi, it matters not.  What matters is the time it gives to me!  I've long been an advocate for the creative outlet.  I am fortunate to have a creative outlet in my job (which is probably why I hold on to my snippets of sanity with this long of a spell away from scrapping).

So I'm going to listen to my own directive... to "get scrappin'!"

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