Saturday, August 11, 2007

ADSR Challenge #7 - Use 10 Photos

Here is the "Grand Adventurer" Nate the Great tackling twisted trees at Santa Monica Beach.

The challenge was to use 10 photos and then pass the file to your partner. That doesn't leave a whole lot of room for embellishing! But Robyn's touches work and I thank her for coming up with a Title (which had eluded me!). "She Completes Me" -I crack myself up!

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Chris said...

Welcome to the Digi Scrap world!! It looks as if you're off to a terrific start with your great scrap pages - and just think no more carrying all that junk on a vacation, just your laptop and EHD!
You are brave though for entering the great race - I wouldn't touch it as slow as I am. Mind you, I do tend to get bogged down making many of my elements and stuff.
Good luck
(BTW I found your blog by just hitting "next blog" - now doing that is brave indeed!)