Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ADSR Challenge #9 - Most Embarrasing Moment

This was a fun one. I started to mull it over and then burst out laughing as I recalled what was supposed to be the greatest date night of my life and I just embarrassed myself to no end!

Mission: use a tag, ribbon, images and 2 fonts and Journal your moment. My journaling is:

Yes, the year was, well, ahem, let's just say I was 14 and very excited about going out on a date with the cutest guy I knew. Bowling it would be, with my family friend chaperoning. I step up, grab my ball, poised to impress my beau, and throw for a perfect strike. Only the ball drops from my hand and rolls quite noisily BEHIND me and lands at his feet! The heat on my face of embarrassment is still quite clear, although now 20 years later, at least I can laugh at it!

Dropping the ball wouldn't have been so bad really, it's just the way it bounced with that loud thud, thud, clunk, clunk and stopped right at my boyfriend's feet. It was just too much!!! :)

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Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

LOL!!! great share, and I love all the small pics.