Friday, August 24, 2007

ADSR - Favorite Movie

Movies - ahhh - a dark theater - the escape. But to pick just one movie? I was able to narrow it to one of my all time favorites - Cinema Paradiso. If you haven't seen it, go treat yourself!

Journaling reads:
I love the movies. I consider myself a movie buff.
I love romping romances, swashbuckling adventures
and tearjerker tragedies. From Classics to
Science Fiction to Mystery and Romance,
there's nothing like the escape a good movie provides!
Some movies I watch again and again.
Can you really see The Fifth Element too many times?
Or Dirty Dancing? Casablanca? Bringing up Baby?

But hands down, Cinema Paradiso has the
best of the best all rolled into one. Lifelong friendships,
the brief and heart-shattering summer romance,
forbidden pasttimes, the thrill of new movies arriving and,
to bring it all home, the wonderful lesson that no,
you can't ever go back (to recapture your youth),
but it is okay to sit in the dark and cry.

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